The course "Global Issues: Austria & Czech Republic" (3 credits) is a combination online + short term international travel course. The course focuses on the historical and contemporary forces that contribute to
globalization in Austria and the Czech Republic. Participants explore global issues such as oil, nuclear energy / nuclear weapons, global economics, drugs, human rights, migration, and sustainability. The travel component
includes seminars at organizations that shape the global political, economic, social and humanitarian concerns, such as OPEC, OSCE, IAEA, UNODC and UNIDO.  .

    Undergraduate or graduate students, alumni or professionals

  • WHEN:
    Online dates: May 10 – July 9, 2010
    On-Location dates: June 7-11, 2010

  • COST:
    Tuition: Summer 2010 tuition
    Lab Fee & Study Abroad Fee (total): US$450
    Lodging: Basic lodging at pension included in fees
    Airfare: Varies according to originating city

    MARCH 15, 2010 Extended until March 31, 2010